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How to choose the most appropriate life insurance company?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Death is an imminent possibility for anyone anywhere. Though medical science has enhanced longevity and allowed people to hope for a longer existence, the fact is that death can occur at any time. Being financially secure reduces the crippling insecurity of the aftermath a great deal. Once the family knows they can live with dignity and without dependence on other people, things become easier to deal with. If you loved your family during your life, continue to look after them when you are no longer around.

There are hundreds of life insurance companies that dominate the insurance sector. Small ones, big ones and companies that have dozens of branches- all of them have one purpose; what they are able to offer you as a client. Some thought devoted to choosing the right company will go a long way in procuring a policy that offers value for money.

Some tips to choose the correct life insurance provider:

1. Talk to a couple of agents or customer service representatives from different companies. Alternatively, talk to someone online to help you out.

2. Find out about the company’s claim settling record. Do they face several charges for non-settlement of dues? There will always be some disputes but if the numbers are high drop them. You want someone who will help your family after you are gone not hound them with numerous problems.

3. Is the company financially sound? Glass and chrome interiors do not reflect healthy balance sheets. Check their financial background and see if the company seems to be solvent and above board.

4. Is the company able to offer you different options based on your finances, age and lifestyle or are they pushing a ‘one size fits all’ approach? Life insurance comes in many different types.

5. Are their rates competitive? Have you asked other companies for their rates? Is the comparison favorable?

6. Have you asked what happens if there is a default on the premium payment?

7. Is the company an actual bricks and mortar office or merely an online entity? Online presence is fine but there should be a real address, phone number and email to use. Beware of companies that do not give any details.

The life insurance company that you finally choose should impress you with their commitment, efficiency and reliability. After all, you are putting them in charge of your family.


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