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Do you really need life insurance coverage?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Before you decide to purchase a life insurance policy, it is important to know some basic facts about life insurance. Most of us purchase life insurance due to various reasons. Regardless of whether you are married, single, student, parent, or a senior citizen, you would have surely contemplated about purchasing a life insurance policy at some point in time. Investing in life insurance is a good idea, but you have to get your basics right.

Some people may have debts to cover in the event anything happens to them. There may be some people, who may only be able to afford their funeral expenses in the event of death. In some families, the bread winner may want to ensure that their loved ones are not put through financial hardships in the event of their death, so they might want to purchase a policy. So, there are a number of reasons for purchasing a policy and you must arrive at what you want the policy to cover.

Very often, people think of purchasing life insurance when they have a family or only when the spouse needs life insurance etc. However, that is not the right way to go about it. instead, you must try and ask some pertinent questions in order to check to see if you require life insurance and the amount of coverage you will need etc. If you are single and if you have large debts and if you have a co-signer then you should certainly consider purchasing life insurance. However, even if you don’t have a co-signer you may still want to purchase insurance to cover the debts and also take care of the funeral expenses, just to be on the safe side. Once you are sure that the debts are covered, the remaining assets could be left behind for your siblings or heirs.

In case you own a business and you have a large stake, then life insurance could be a great idea. Under such circumstances, you may want to purchase separate policies for your business and for your family as well. The money that is in the policy (business) may be used to pay off debts or even to help your partners remain in the business. Married couples with or without children should consider buying life insurance policies. This will ensure that your spouse can continue leading a normal life with or without their life partner, in the event of something unfortunate.


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