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Why Should You Invest in Permanent Life Insurance?

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

The untimely death of an earning member can throw the bereaved family into difficulties they never imagined. They might have to face lack of funds for future expenses like college fees, a compromise on the standard of living they have been used to and a feeling of insecurity. Why put your family through hell when you are gone? There are several types of life insurance that you can consider purchasing. Permanent life insurance is also called whole life insurance.

This policy is designed for a life-long time period and works well for clients who can afford to invest in it.

What are the benefits of whole life insurance?

  • One rate

Permanent insurance can be paid for with a fixed rate that is defined at the onset. Market fluctuations and inflation do not influence the rate of the premium that has been offered to you. You pay one rate.

  • The cash value may be borrowed against

If you are looking for a bank loan or other loans, the cash value of your life insurance investment can be used as collateral. Intelligent investing on the part of the insurance provider can enhance the value of your investment substantially.

  • Substantial returns

The pay-out on whole life is really good and gives a sizable sum to the beneficiary compared to what was invested earlier.

  • Cost increases with age

The younger you are when you invest in whole life insurance; the more attractive will be your premium. The idea is that the probability of death increases with age.

  • Pay-outs will be made at any time during the life-time

Whether the insured passes away at 30 years or 90 years the pay-out will not be affected. This provides the beneficiary with an effective and comfortable safety blanket.

When should you invest in whole life insurance?

If you feel you have adequate financial resources to meet the payment of premiums then there is nothing to beat permanent life insurance policies. They are safe, secure and do not have to be renewed every now and then.

Online surveys will help interested individuals get a good idea of current rates and what is available. But, though general information can be procured from websites, the better way to get a personalized quote for your budget, or age is by connecting with a customer service representative who works with the insurance provider you are interested in.


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