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Examination and Nicotine Testing for Life Insurance

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Internet has been one of the biggest shopping mall in the world because people look around the internet to find something that they can buy. This is the reason why insurance companies have followed the trend and come up with their online website. They also made several changes in their service in order to cater needs of their online applicants.

Now, anyone can apply for insurance coverage policy online by filling up his or her online application form. Companies also make their offer very appealing to aspiring policyholder by giving free quotes together with online application form. You will also find insurance companies that offer no medical examination to attract people’s attention. This kind of no exanimation policy is very enticing especially to individuals with existing medical condition. All of these may sound too good to be true online.

Although, you can really opt for no medical examination, these insurance companies will likely to require you to pay for higher premiums or an extra monthly fee for this reason. The applicant for this no examination will be required to undergo physical examination one to five years after their policy has been approved. It is important that you only get insurance policy for a reliable and reputable insurance company because some non-reputable company can withdraw the insurance coverage or refuse to pay for medical bills once the policyholder gets older. Sometimes it is best if you will just go through the traditional process and under medical examination at the beginning of your application for life insurance.

In traditional process of applying for life insurance medical exam is required. If you will choose an insurance coverage such as life coverage, then the insurance company will require you to under a medical exam first for all their policies. Others will only require medical exam for policies with considerable amount face values. Medical examination is basic and it can be done at the comfort of your own home or office.

The examination will measure your weight and height. You will also be required to give short medical history and you need to give samples of your urine and blood test. Blood and urine are tested in order for them to detect if you have any medical condition and if you have a positive medical exam result that will greatly decrease your premium. In case the insurance company does not find your medical result satisfying, then they can deny your application or they can put a hefty premium for your coverage.

For you to acquire the best result for your medical examination it is best if you will do it early in the morning so you feel more relax. You also need to avoid drinking coffee, alcohol, soda as well as eat heavy meal and sugary foods before the examination.

Factors that May Influence Your Coverage

Aside from the medical examination result your lifestyle will determine whether or not the insurance provider will cover you or how much your premium is for your coverage. If you are a chain smoker, then you will need to pay more for the premium of your life insurance. There are insurance companies that do not distinguish whether you smoke cigarette, marijuana, or cigar. If you are smoking marijuana, but you are not smoking cigarette you still need to indicate on your applications that you are smoking. If you are a marijuana user you need to disclose this information under additional scrutiny.

Another huge factor that can affect your insurance coverage is your age. If you are older, then it means that there is a higher tendency of death. Older people should pay more premiums for their life insurance. There are term policies that can give you the option of renewing your coverage at the end of the policy without the need for another medical examination.

Nicotine Testing for Life Insurance

The average life expectancy of smoker is less than 10 years compared to non-smokers. This finding was released by the British Medical Journal several years ago. If you continue with this lifestyle, then there is a higher chance that you will develop many health related issues such as lung cancer, heart disease, COPD and more diseases caused by nicotine. This is the main reason why life insurance companies put higher premium for smokers.

The nicotine testing is used by life insurance providers to test if the claim made by aspiring policyholder is correct. This nicotine testing is a part of the medical examination and this will finalized the premium that they need to charge. A non-smoker can expect a very low premium for their insurance coverage because they are not at risk of several medical conditions mentioned above.

Nicotine testing can be carried out with the use of a blood sample, saliva sample and urine sample. The most effective and prefer way for testing nicotine is hair drug test as means to detect nicotine. The problem is that this test is very expensive if it will be used to test all applicants for insurance coverage. Usually, urine test is used by these companies to test whether an aspirant is a smoker or not. They make use of a cotinine test in order to reveal the level of nicotine in the body. The cotinine is the by-product of nicotine after it was processed by the body.

This test can still detect the level of nicotine within the body even after 4 days of non-smoking before the test.  In case you opt for a causal cigarette smoking but you are not a smoker and you want to make sure that nicotine will not give you a high premium, you can test the nicotine level within your body at home. You can buy home nicotine test to make sure that you are completely clean of nicotine.

Medical examination and nicotine testing is very important for all life insurance provider because they are also protecting their business. These medical examinations will also help you determine if you have any medical condition that you are not aware.


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