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Why Everyone Should Have Life Insurance

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Life insurance leads to the peace of one’s mind. There are many important benefits of owning a life insurance policy. It can make a big difference in the quality of life of the people living, after the person with the life insurance passes away. Here are some of the top reasons to think about purchasing a life insurance policy.

Funeral Expenses
Funeral costs can be extremely devastating for the surviving family members. The standard funeral expenditure is now over five to six thousand dollars. Let us name a few of the expenses. The expenses in the funeral include the expenditure on the plot, cremation or coffin, funeral home services costs, funeral paper ads, flowers, acknowledgement cards, cenotaphs, to sum it all up, this is very costly. Picture your family having to pay off all this without the comfort of life insurance.

Ongoing Expenses
The daily demands for payments might not be so overpowering when you are living and contributing to your family finance. Once the loved one that was the main bread earner passes away, the funds no longer come in, however the bills heap up in spite of everything. Only because your wages have been divided in half, does not indicate your electric bill or water bills will be cut in half too. Some costs will only decrease slightly.

Less Social Security
If you are fortunate enough to receive social security for your spouse and yourself now, bear in mind that this will change when one of you dies. The surviving other half will no longer receive both the checks.

A number of retirements will stop also when the beneficiary passes away. Something to take into account when dealing with Social Security is, when the recipient dies, Social Security will ask for the most recent payment they gave to you. Even if the recipient receives the check on the 3rd and dies at the end of the same month, they will still withdraw the money. This will be a monetary setback if you are not ready.

Less Burden
For the rest of the family, life insurance policy can without a doubt decrease financial burdens. With an adequate amount of coverage, you can make sure your house, automobile, credit cards and all the other bills are paid off. This can lead to countless years of comfort for your family. Imagine your partner not having to worry about car and house payments. How reassuring would this be?


November 3rd, 2014

A Digest on Permanent Life Insurance

Obviously, with the availability of diverse insurance products, it is not always easy for policy holder to know the right and appropriate insurance product to purchase. More so, the problem of which of the insurance product to choose normally get worse when one does not know the cons and pros associated with each of the product. At such case, there will be need to contact a reliable and well experienced insurance agent to help explain the underpinning in each of the insurance products. There are lots of reasons why you need to purchase permanent life insurance instead of any other insurance product. You are going to learn more on that in this article.

October 10th, 2014

Why Permanent Life Insurance Is More Sold Than Other Insurance Policy

With the availability of different types of life insurance coverage, knowing the right one is never an easily endeavor. For that reason, you need not to jump into any type of insurance coverage without first of all consulting a professional and well experienced insurance agent, which is why this article is dedicated to offer a précis on permanent life insurance. Indeed, this particular type of insurance is commonly known as life insurance or whole life insurance as it is designed to serve the policy holder till 100 years or even death.

September 6th, 2014

Who needs permanent life insurance and why?

There are two main types of life insurance policies – term and permanent, although they are similar in one part – death coverage, in which case your beneficiary receives the money; all other things about those policies are completely different. The main question with the permanent life insurance is who needs it, and what are the benefits of buying this type of insurance?

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