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Can Cancer Survivors Get Term Life Insurance?

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

You probably think that getting term life insurances impossible if you are the person who had cancer, but this may not be true. Cancer survivors can get term life insurance policy, although these may differ from other policies for the general population.

Term life insurance for cancer survivors has requirements that are more specific and depend on individual circumstances, the type of cancer, the insurance company involved, remission time, etc. Individuals with a history of cancer can get life insurance, although people usually assume it is impossible. This may have been correct few years back, but today, the situation is changing.

The fact is that insurance companies have goal to make money. Therefore, in order to enlarge their customer base, they need to cover as many people as possible. US cancer survivors are among those people.

Life insurance policies have been tailored to fit the requirements of cancer survivors. Life insurance policies are usually more expensive for cancer survivors than for non-cancer survivors. However, they provide coverage that is much needed. The policy may offer a reduced death benefit, but it is better than ending up with no coverage at all.

One of the reasons life insurance companies are providing cancer survivor policies is because of the rapid growth of the cancer treatments. In the past 30-40 years, the survival rate has raised for many types of cancer. Back in that time, a cancer diagnosis meant there is no cure, but today people are surviving and living their lives after beating cancer.

This is recognized by life insurance companies, which expand of life insurance coverage into the market of cancer survivors. Not only cancer survivors have a chance to get coverage, but survivors of other serious diseases are also in this group.

If you are cancer survivor, there are certain eligibility requirements in order to obtain life insurance policy. Some of those requirements claim that a person is in remission. You need to confirm that you won your fight against cancer.

Another confirmation that the cancer episode is over is the time that passed since the last treatment. This waiting period vary upon the type of cancer and the insurance company. Generally, it runs from couple months to five years. In addition, the cancer survivor has to be in good health. This requirement is characteristic for all individuals applying for insurance because companies want to reduce risk. With a cancer history, the insurance company needs to know if cancer survivor is in good health otherwise to get the term life insurance.


November 5th, 2014

A Highlight on Term Life Insurance You Need To Be Aware of

Are you looking to buy life insurance coverage but do not have enough money to do so? Do you want to get maximum coverage at affordable price? Or you are searching for life coverage that can cover specific financial responsibilities such as your Children College or mortgage? If your answer to these questions is yes, then what you simply need is to purchase term life insurance. Really, unlike the permanent life insurance that is expensive and usually lasts throughout the lifetime of the insurer, the term life insurance is made to expire within a specific period of time. Also, it is cheaper and more affordable when compared with the whole life insurance.

October 9th, 2014

Facts about Term Life Insurance You Need To Know

Are you searching for the best insurance coverage? Do you want to leverage insurance policy but confused about the right one to leverage? Have you heard of term life coverage but do not know what you will stand to gain? If these are your worries and questions, then you have come to the right place as this article is about to intimate you on some facts about term insurance coverage you need to know. The term life insurance is a policy made with stipulated period for its coverage and expiration. If this type of insurance expires the policy holder will decide whether to renew it and continue enjoying the coverage or to stop it.

September 4th, 2014

What makes term life insurance so popular?

Term life insurance is very popular since it provides good coverage to your family or people dependent on you in case of your premature death. They are also relatively cheap and can be customized to suit all your needs, and also can contain additional clauses to provide extra coverage for your family members. The main goal is to provide financial security in case of your premature death.

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