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Online rating system introduced by Grant, Hinkle and Jacobs, the San Diego Life Insurance provider

Friday, January 20th, 2012

San Diego Life Insurance’s leading provider, Grant, Hinkle and Jacobs, has introduced the latest online rating system for the benefit of its customers. This company, which has a great market reputation in the San Diego region, has implemented a new feature that allows customers to rate the various offerings on the policies. This second generation company specializes in offering business life insurance, insurance life San Diego, Philanthropic Planning and Succession Planning.

This move by Grant, Hinkle and Jacobs has given better control over reviews and ratings to its customers. The players currently in the life insurance sector will surely vouch for the fact that this is indeed a very courageous move by this life insurance provider and involves a significant amount of risk. By introducing the reviews and rating system on its website Grant, Hinkle and Jacobs has handed over the reputation of the company to the customers. Policy holders can now share their views and opinions about the policies, the customer service, prices of the policies and many other aspects of life insurance offered by this company. Any person who wants to know more about the reputation of the company and read the reviews of policy holders can visit this click round the clock to set the right expectations.

This bold move comes in the wake of the precarious position life insurance companies are in currently. As per the 2010 Edelmen Trust Barometer, these companies rank a meager 32 percent. Though the life insurance sector is counted among the least popular segments in the country, Grant, Hinkle and Jacobs is enjoying its popularity as the best with the highest rate of satisfied customers.

What are the results of this brave move by this San Diego Life Insurance provider? The results of this move have been stupendous. Customers are provided with a 5-star rating system to provide the company feedback about their experience with them and the product they purchased. Till date, this insurance provider has been able to maintain a neat record of 4.6, which is as close as possible to the possible 5.

This feedback system implemented by this insurance provider works both ways. On the lines of other review systems, customers who visit this link can also comment about the usefulness of the information provided. The reviews and provided anonymously and most people offer information about the length of their policy, insurance premium and the reason for coverage.


August 26th, 2013

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