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Revamping of health insurance in California picks up speed

Friday, November 9th, 2012

The election of Barack Obama as the President has removed many roadblocks that existed for the implementation of health care reforms in California. Propelled by the victory, the state government officials in the state of California are taking big steps to implement the reforms to bring about a change in the insurance market to help millions of residents in this state.

Mitt Romney, who pursued Obama at the heels till the last minute, threatened the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which aims to use the huge amount of money provided by the federal government to offer coverage to over seven million uninsured people in this state. On Wednesday, the state officials revealed their plans to spend close to $90 million in the following year towards marketing and reaching out to millions of Californians who may gain eligibility for subsidised premiums, in addition to many other benefits that fall under the federal regulations.

California Health Benefit Exchange’s executive director, Peter Lee, said that the recently completed election eliminated the final roadblock to the implementation of the reforms which is being designed with the objective of providing insurance to the millions in the state who do not have it.

When the Affordable Care Act was passed by the Congress in the year 2010, California was the first state in the country to establish the insurance exchange program. However, as the race for the election heated up, the states which enjoyed the Republican majority opposed to these reforms. The insurance exchange in California is working with the aim of enrolling a little over two million people in the Medicaid program led by the state which is termed as Medi-Cal. This program provided insurance coverage to the disabled and poor Californians. It also aims to help another set of two million people buy private insurance policies that offer subsidized premiums.

Consumer advocates as well as state leaders are apprehensive about the feasibility of this program and wonder if this program will attract the expected enrolments from healthier consumers which is essential to keep the policies affordable. The president of the health consulting firm El Segundo, Steve Valentine said opines that this insurance exchange program would be tougher to sell than he had originally thought.


August 26th, 2013

Second quarter witnesses improved sales of life insurance at New York Life

The largest life insurance provider in America, New York Life, has announced uninterrupted strong sales of mutual funds, income annuities and life insurance during the second quarter of 2013.

May 3rd, 2012

Life insurance beneficiaries in Pennsylvania protected in Metlife Settlement

There are a little over 30 states who filed a lawsuit against Metlife Inc which is a leading provider of life insurance in the United States. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is representing its state in ensuring the beneficiaries of their policy holders get what is rightfully due to them.

February 25th, 2012

Wisconsin’s request to exempt certain health insurers rejected by the Federal Government

Wisconsin’s request that health insurance providers spend 80 cents of every dollar towards medical care premiums has been rejected by the Obama administration. One of the provisions of the financial reforms recommended by Governor Walker administration in Wisconsin requested that the change be phased over the next three years for all health insurance policies issued to families and individuals. The proposal also requested that the providers spend at least 71 percent towards medical claims in the year 2011 and 74 percent in 2012.

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