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Americans Seek Changes in Existing Healthcare Infrastructure

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

A recent survey revealed certain interesting facts about the consensus related to current health plans present in America. About 51% of users are very or extremely satisfied with their health coverage. Another 37% people believe that the present-day health plans are somewhat satisfactory. A 10% of those surveyed are not too satisfied and 2% remain completely dissatisfied with the present scenario.

When it comes to the available healthcare infrastructure, employees show many grievances.  Only 12% consider it very good and a miniscule 2% labeled it as excellent. However, the majority of workers begs to differ. According to 21%, it is quite poor, 34% described it as fair, and 31% believe it to be good.

When questioned regarding the reason behind the high levels of dissatisfaction with the healthcare infrastructure, the costs came out as the unanimous reply. Most people believe that the healthcare solutions in America are overpriced.  In opposition to news announcing the slowing down of spending related to healthcare, the associated costs remain quite high. Compared to inflation and wages, health employer-sponsored coverage showed a continued rise accompanied with fast rates of escalation.

This year the annual premiums related to family employer-sponsored coverage climbed by 4% to reach $ 60,000 as the new high and single coverage costs also climbed by a staggering 5%. In comparison, average climb in employee wages was a miniscule 2%. 6/10 workers surveyed in the recent research, admitted to having a personal experience of dealing with rising health care expenses over the past years. The primary reason behind dissatisfaction of healthcare users across America seems to be the rapidly escalating costs.

For the workers such high expenses signify financial difficulties. They are dealing with such issues differently. Among those surveyed, 32% admitted to slashing their contributions to a retirement plan. Another 57% have reduced their saving amounts in various plans to deal with the rising healthcare costs. The worst situation is for those who are living at the other end of the spectrum. Approximately 22% people say that they are finding it difficult to pay for even the rudimentary necessities of their lives such as, housing, and heat. 38% people are finding it hard to pay their utility bills in the present situation.

No wonder the fraction of workers labeling the healthcare infrastructure in America ‘poor’ has increased from 14% to 32% since 1996.


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