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Varying permanent life insurance policies available to cover lives

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

A number of permanent life insurance policies are available in the market and it can be quite confusing at times as it is quite difficult to decide which one to pick. Getting an insight into the various components of permanent life insurance policies will not just help customers save money, but also helps choose the optimum coverage. It is important for customers be aware of the four variables and the key discrepancies in the different coverage options available to ensure they choose the right protection. Increasing the awareness about the important facts and will enable you to make a better decision while purchasing the policy.

Permanent life insurance is essentially death insurance and it collects money from you while you are still alive, and at a low price. However, in the event of your death, the permanent life insurance will take effect and reimburse the money to the beneficiaries as mentioned in the policy. The only good thing about permanent life insurance is that the quantity of money that is paid through your lifetime remains constant. However, that amount of money may actually be quite pricey because on an average each of the permanent life insurance coverage will actually pay out a million bucks approximately.

Whole Life Insurance is easily accessible and it is a type of coverage where you keep paying the money into your policy by way of premiums and the money accrued would be taken out by your family members or beneficiaries after you are gone. Whole Life Insurance is highly inflexible as the premiums and death benefits will stay as they are when you bought it.

Variable Life Insurance enables you to invest money that is in your coverage into stocks as well as other ventures. However, in the event you lose a lot of money, then you will have to be prepared to shell out more fees and avail reduced death benefits, thereby defeating the purpose of being insured.

Universal Life Insurance is the most flexible life insurance coverage where you will deposit money and the beneficiaries will get the sum after your death. Premiums here are flexible with flexible reimbursement. You can also take out money from the policy, but the payout is much lower than the other coverage.

Variable Universal Life Insurance allows you to alter your premiums as well as death benefits and you can invest cash in your coverage into other ventures.


December 16th, 2014

$1 Billion in Life Insurance: Waiting To Be Claimed!

As per the recent report by the treasurer of Oklahoma; in US alone, life insurance policies of worth at least $1 billion are still unclaimed. This means that the lifelong investments that many individuals made for their beloved ones are still waiting to be claimed.

September 21st, 2014

Should you switch from term life to permanent life insurance

We’re all aware of the importance of life insurance and its benefits. In short, their main goal is to provide financial security to those dependent on us, usually family members and those close to us. The thing is, we rarely think about ourselves when buying life insurance, which usually comes in form of term policies to cover for our short term goals. Those among us who would like to have more than just coverage for mortgage or security in knowing that our kids will have enough for collage should look at non term options – those types of life insurance have a financial value that can be used in time of need.

March 11th, 2013

Be Wise; Take up Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance is relatively an unknown term for the younger generations as it is believed to be a basic plan for elders to secure the future of their children and family in case an unexpected early permanent disablement or death occurs.

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