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Washington Firm to Offer Multiple Channels for Funding Long-Term Care

Monday, November 11th, 2013

This firm based in Kirkland Washington has been offering services related to long-term traditional care for many years now. As markets started to lose carriers, curtailed the benefits, and tightened its underwritings the firm started offering other solutions as well as a survival strategy. Now, the company wants to build upon its multi-solution strategy and put it into high gear at last. In order to do that their first step is to shift from traditional focus, the long-term care to balance and broad focus involving multiple payment channels related to care.

According to the company’s spokesperson, agents work within a limited periphery with instruments that they understand and know. The requirement now is to educate them regarding the intricacies and procedures related to other options that offer better results. The market for finding related to long-term care is constantly growing. The same sadly is not applicable for the insurance industry related to long-term care, which is both stagnant and dwindling. So the firm wants to tap other avenues and explore them in a bid to increase returns. Helping their clients, pay up through multiple channels can be a mutually beneficial scenario in this regard.

So what is ailing the insurance industry? According to the spokesperson low rates of interest on a long-term basis along with low rate for lapse, greater advances in medicine and technological developments are other reasons. To deal with this situation some carriers brought down the associated risks of long-term care a notch. Others had no other option but to leave the field for good. Innovations in product design were another way to cope with the dwindling situation and this meant keeping premiums affordable with $ 2300 annual average.

For the insurance companies to survive, the firm believes that the agents need to offer insurance solutions that the clients need instead of pushing sales for company products. Customers want something to address their specific needs and this is what the agents have to provide.


September 19th, 2014

Look for more options than simplicity of term life insurance

We all need life insurance and the one that we usually choose is term life. All pools and studies say that this is the number one life insurance sold in USA. The reasons behind this are – its simplicity (it provides basic coverage) and its price (cheapest form of life insurance). This may be news to some, but there are other insurance products that can offer more and are also adjustable and flexible to suit all our needs and changes throughout the life. Whole, universal and variable policies can provide more than just basics.

July 24th, 2013

Life Term Insurance – The Knight in Shining Armor

Henry A. Maslow presented the concept of the kinds of needs a person has. The needs included the basic needs (food, shelter, air), security needs (the need for insurance), and other needs like need for self esteem and self actualization. The reason why these needs are mentioned here is to show the importance of the security needs.

March 13th, 2013

Is term life insurance policy the right choice?

Most people don’t go and buy a life insurance policy just like that; they look for options. Well, this is the right way to go about because, the 1st step in buying an insurance policy is to decide on the sort of policy that suits both your coverage needs and also easy on your wallet.

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