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Life Insurance for Senior Citizens is Now Available with Great Affordable Options

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Life insurance policies have been popular for some time now and though the actual statistic show a slight decrease in the percentages the fact remains that Life insurance policies are still widely used in the USA. The reasons for the life insurance are many. Investing with good tax rebates and a way to ensure some income for the family are the main reasons why people buy policies.

A life insurance policy can be useful at every age. Accidents and death can befall us at any age and it is a good investment to ensure a monetary benefit for our families after we are no more. Some policies have a premium that has to be paid every year while others need a lump sum payment at one time. While most insurance agencies are particular about the age and the health of the policy buyer there are some that are sold to even senior citizens. Many agencies sell policies to senior citizens over 60 and above both in the USA and the UK.  There are not many saving options for senior citizens that have retired and policies like life insurance for senior citizens are a welcome relief.

Most insurance policies are designed in such a way that the earlier a policy is taken the less is the premium amount. Similarly the later a policy is taken or the shorter the duration of the policy the higher is the premium amount. For a senior citizen buying a policy the cost of the premium is well worth the end result. These policies have become very popular with this age group and some of the common reasons that a senior citizen might feel a policy is required is when

  • Dependants – Some Senior citizens have spouses or children who need attention or special care. A life insurance policy is one way to ensure that continuous care can be given to these loved ones even after they pass away.
  • Mortgage – many Senior citizens still have mortgages to pay off after their retirement. This is one way to help with the payments if the need arises.
  • Inheritance – Many people would like to leave something for their dependants or their families after they pass away. An insurance policy that is a life cover is a good inheritance for your family.
  • Funeral costs – A life Insurance policy can help to pay for funerals. A funeral is not cheap and having life insurance policy can help to pay for your own funeral after your death.
  • Loss of Income – A policy is one way to safeguard against a situation where there is no source of income. Especially those who have jobs where there is no pension facility can buy a policy where there is an assured sum after the duration of the policy.

The difference between a normal life Insurance policy and one that caters to senior citizens is that the latter might have restrictions in comparison to a normal life insurance policy. The amount that the senior citizen is covered for or certain other benefits might be restricted. While these are limitations it definitely is better to have a policy than nothing at all. Always check on all the details of the policy before buying it and with the internet making information so accessible it is definitely easier than before to get all the required information on the suitable policies. With the internet one must also check the sites of various insurance companies and compare the premium amounts, durations and sum assured along with the services of each to understand the best policy for your requirement. For more details these company sites have their representatives available 24×7 for any information or query. There are premium calculators too on these sites that will give you instantaneous quotes for the policies that you have shortlisted. There are other independent sites where advisors will explain the various policies to you and will recommend a few after understanding your requirements.

Life insurances don’t just benefit those in their 30’s or even their 20’s. A senior citizen has not outgrown the need for a mortgage payment. Apart from family needs and mortgage payments,  there are other requirements like debt or funeral charges that are all classified as final expenses. A perfect life insurance policy for senior citizens is one where the health checkups are simplified and the death benefits are processed and paid off quickly. While most insurances have a clause that the policy owner cannot claim any insurance for at least a couple of years after taking the policy it is still possible to get a partial benefit or a payback of some amount of the premiums paid. The internet is a good way to find out more about insurances for senior citizens. There are specialized professionals that can help to find the best policy for you with the most affordable premiums. Use the internet to compare rates, services and features among the various insurance sites available online. Look out for insurance companies specializing in Life Insurance policies for senior citizens and as for an agent to call you with a quote or for more information.

While buying a policy whether for a senior citizen or anyone else, there are some points that must be remembered.

  • A policy should be worked out according to the income if any or the premiums must be well within your paying capability. There is no point in buying a good policy to have it lapse for non payments.
  • Look at online options for buying policies as many online services have connections with various insurance companies that can get you a great quote or special rates for online booking.
  • Keep the documents pertaining to the policy where they can be found.
  • When in doubt consult with the many capable professionals who will advise you on the best policies available and will help you find one that suits you.

A Life Insurance policy is meant to benefit you so choose wisely from the options available.


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