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Accidental death insurance

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Accidental death insurance is a policy that protects the family members of the policy holder, in unforeseen circumstances. In case of accidental death of the policy holder, the family members or beneficiaries receive the amount insured by the policy holder. By definition, accidental death insurance covers only accidental deaths and does not include medical complications, or preexisting medical conditions. Accidental death means swift and sudden death resulting from unforeseen events like automobile accidents or any other accidents that are fatal.

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Details of the coverage

Before signing up for the policy, understanding the definition of the accidental life insurance coverage is important. The beneficiary receives the money only in case if accidental deaths and even if the policy holder is under the treatment for certain medical complications at the time of the accident, the amount that the insurance company provides is not complete. Accidental death coverage has a lot of clauses describing the reasons for death, which must all be read and understood before signing up for the policy. Accidental fall, drowning, automobile accidents, plane crashes, and any reason which is accident in nature are insured by this policy.

Heart attacks or sudden deaths due to medical complications do not fall into the category and therefore the beneficiary receives no compensation under such circumstances. No medical exam accidental death polices are easier to obtain than any other insurance policy because the health factor does not play an important role in the policy. Every accident is considered in a different perspective and the coverage varied depending upon the nature of accident. For example, drowning by accidental fall is different than drowning when involved in a motorboat accident, and the insurance money paid to the beneficiary varies with every different incident. For this reason, reading the document and nature of the coverage is very important before choosing the policy.


Dismemberment is an extension of the accidental death insurance and is commonly referred together as AD&D insurance or accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Dismemberment covers policy holders, in the case of incapability of working due to accidents. Some accidents may not be fatal, but in case of injuries that limit the policy holders from earning an income, dismemberment policy protects the family members by covering the policy holder’s inability to work. Dismemberment may include loss of vision, loss of limb, or any such permanent injury which can change the life of an individual.


Accidental death insurance coverage has many pitfalls, even though the premium rates are comparatively low. It is never enough to have accidental death coverage alone, since it does not protect against health issues, and provide a coverage that offers enough protection. It can work well as an add-on policy, but there are many descriptions about the accidents that are completely covered, and the policy holder’s beneficiaries are never guaranteed payment of complete amounts. In addition to that, even if the accidental death as described in the policy occurs, if the policy holder had some minor ailment, the amount paid decreases considerably. Accidents occurring due to drunken driving and driving under influence has lesser chances of getting the complete insurance amount paid.

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