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No medical exam life insurance

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Most kinds of insurance policies need compulsory medical examination reports from the policy holders, in order to determine whether or not they qualify for the face value of the insured amount. Everyone deserves a safe and secure insurance policy, even if they have some small ailments. But if there are medical exams involved, every small ailment is questionable and can be a reason to decline the applicant. Since the competition to provide better insurance policies never ceases to exist, many insurance companies offer the no medical exam insurance policy to include a wider bracket of people into the policy.

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Benefits of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Life insurance without medical exam is a lot less painful, compared to the regular procedures. The waiting time is lesser compared to the lengthy procedures involving medical exams and the policy structuring based on the reports. With no medical exam insurance, there are no surprises when it comes to the policy conditions, because they cannot change depending on the medical conditions. It remains constant and the monthly premium payable remains the same throughout the policy. It is easier for people below 40 years of age to get approved for these policies, but elderly people get a guaranteed issue insurance, and very rarely are declined the coverage. Premium life insurance rates for the elderly are on the higher end, but it is worth paying high premium since there is always the guarantee of coverage. It is a popular policy among the elderly because they do not have to go through the medical exam, and get rejected because of simple ailments. Term life insurance no medical exam policies are usually for smaller face values, since the insurance company is at a risk of providing the coverage irrespective of the medical records of individuals.

How to get a good deal

Because there are so many insurance companies, getting the life insurance quotes is the most challenging part of the whole exercise. Finding good insurance quotes that matches all the requirements is easier on the internet, than enquiring personally in every single insurance company. No medical exam insurance policies are faster when applied through internet since it has far less paperwork. Insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies can be compared within minutes on the internet, and the one that suits the best can be chosen and applied for. All this can be done within a day, saving a lot of time and energy.

When it comes to getting quotes through internet, the applicants can browse through different options available without any agent forcing the policy upon them. Online application policy will be quite straight forward, with a simple questionnaire to fill up. Since the dealing will be through the internet, insurance policy application will be reviewed by the insurance company, and the response is sent almost immediately. After getting the approval, the individual can download the policy online, and can get the printout without wasting weeks together waiting for the mail. After signing up for the policy, the policy holder gets an option to pay the premium online. Hassle free is the word to describe no medical policy, which makes insurance likeable.

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