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Treasury Yield Forecast For 2014 Set To Be an All-Time High

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

US 10-year yields came down 0.02% points signifying 2 basis points to 2.83%. The 2.75% note for November 2023 by $1.25/1000 reaching 99 11/32, which is a rise by 1/8. It reached its peak at 2.93% an all-time high for some time now. Over 33% economists believe that the central bank is going to reduce the $85B bond purchases monthly in the coming times.

Financial institutes believe that the reduction odds have risen in tandem with labor market gains. Due to slow rates of inflation presently, any cut if present is going to be small. So, most are of the view that the central bank is better off straight away trimming stimulus because of ‘enough firepower’ related to the current economy. According to the predictions, soon the government reports are going to show retail sales growth and acceleration.

The US economy is presently showing strong recovery signs and this is surely good news for everybody. Employers in the country have added up more workers in the last months with the numbers being higher than the forecast of analysts. Naturally, the Labor Department says that the jobless rates today have dropped to 7%, which is an all-time low in five successive years. In the last two years, the manufacturing industry has grown the fastest and new American home purchases have jumped up by a staggering 25.4% during the October-November period.

The spurt in the purchase of U.S. homes is the highest in 3 decades as the data is showing. The current sale of 3-year notes yielded 0.64% during the pre-auction trading which is a slight change from previous security auctions. Investors bid 3.46 times than the debt amounts in November. This is the highest since March when it comes to monthly sales. Treasuries 1-3 years due return 0.4% during 2013 and 10-year Treasury yields are set to peak this time at 3% especially following Fed acts. Experts believe that as of now there is no need to worry regarding the increase in policy rates.


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