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AIG life insurance is one of the top insurance providers for those looking to purchase term life, whole life, universal life or business life insurance policies. Operating across hundreds of countries in the world AIG life insurance has established excellent credibility for itself that allows thousands of policy holders to feel secured against life’s vagaries.

You can get AIG life insurance quotes online and would realize to your pleasant surprise that they are extremely affordable and fitting your budget. There is a whole spectrum of products offered by AIG for those who want to be insured for a specific term or for their entire lifetime. What hold AIG products distinctly apart from its customers, are its customer service and the ease with which claims can be filed. The customer service representatives are available round the clock to offer expert advice and information about the various services, products and features offered by AIG.

American International Group was established way back in 1919 and has headquarters in top cities of the world including New York, Paris and Hong Kong. AIG life insurance policies are designed to fit the budget of most policy holders who are looking for affordable insurance, for both short term as well as long term. Fixed term policies allow you to insure yourself against unforeseen events or tragic death. The death benefits would be sufficient to cover financial liabilities including loans, mortgage, children’s education and marriage, etc. Whole life insurance will allow policy holder to enjoy lifetime insurance protection, along with cash accumulation that will be paid out to the beneficiaries of the policy at the time of death of the policyholder. Along with the guaranteed payout of death benefits, other varieties like universal and variable life insurance from AIG will allow insurers to enjoy a higher rate of return for their investment.

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AIG life insurance

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January 12, 2015

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December 19, 2014

According to the global analysis reports by Cerulli Associates Asia Pte Ltd., there will be a remarkable growth in the assets of the life insurers in the largest markets of Asia. It has been reported that their investable assets will grow about 15% in the year 2015 and ...

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