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A well structured life insurance plan is a requirement to every family for a secure and safe future. But buying just any insurance plan available in the market is not the right way to go about it. The insurance plan must be well thought out, well planned and structured to suit the needs of every individual family. Protective Life Insurance Company offers a wide range of structured insurance policies, which makes it easy for the families to choose the one they need. Protective also offers a combination of life insurance policies which can be bundled with the business protection policies as well to give the families one single solution for all their requirements.

Protective life insurance offers many options for its customers to choose from including term insurance, universal life insurance, joint survivorship insurance, whole life insurance and variable life insurance policies. They are all highly flexible choices which can be customized exactly like the customer wants it. Also, the life insurance policies can also be customized to protect the business funds, like buying selling protection, business debt protection and other needs. Along with business protection plans, protective life insurance offers asset protection plans as well, to help secure the financial assets of the family. The asset protection plans cover the automotive, power sports, marine and recreational vehicles, which effectively covers needs of every family.

Retirement benefits can be planned with the annuity plans of protective insurance which offers flexible retirement benefit plans. Variety of plans in the form of fixed annuity, variable annuity and immediate annuities with single premium payments are available. Fixed annuity has a tax deferred fixed growth rate which is a low risk option. Variable annuity offers tax deferred growth and a number of professionally managed investment options. Single premium annuity helps to save a part of income from tax and generates a steady stream of income for as long as the investor wants.

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Protective Life life insurance

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Protective Life life insurance

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