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Bankers Life Insurance

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Bankers Life and Casualty Company started its operations in 1932, and was purchased from Illinois Insurance Department in 1932. A decade later, it merged with Hotel menís Mutual Benefit Association of US and Canada and Illinois Standard Life Insurance Company. It was one of the first insurance providers to offer extended medical supplement insurance. One can look for Bankers life insurance quotes to understand and compare the costs of life insurance coverage with that offered by other insurance companies. The regular products include term, whole life and universal life insurance products. One can request for quotes online. Customers can also register online to have agents of Bankers contact them.

It is quite easy for customers to locate a Bankers life insurance company local branch office online. There are several policies for tax treatment of life insurance. There are several different types of term policies that a customer can purchase including increasing term and decreasing term policies, credit life policies and level term policies. There could also be provisions for converting term life into whole life insurance policy if required. Bankers life insurance policies, include single premium whole life insurance, limited pay policies, juvenile insurance and universal life insurance.

Policy holders can also go for variable universal life insurance wherein there are flexible premium payments and a death benefit that can be adjusted. The cash value of the policy also offers certain investment features. One must note that agents who sell variable life insurance should be registered with NASD which stands for National Association of Securities Dealers. Agents must also be life licensed in order to sell the variable life policies. In universal life insurance, policy holders can enjoy two types of death benefits which are increasing death benefits and level death benefits. It is possible to locate Bankers offices online by searching through zip code.

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Bankers life insurance

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Bankers life insurance

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