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Fidelity Life Insurance

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Fidelity Life Investments was founded in 1946. The company has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Fidelity life insurance policies are offered to individuals usually between 18 and 70 years of age. Fidelity is most popular for its term life insurance policies. There are several plans which offer great flexibility in terms of payment schedules as well as death or accident benefits. Personal life insurance products from Fidelity are targeted to provide coverage for mounting debts to pay for medical costs or eroded cash savings to meet with family expenses especially owing to the disability of the main earning member of the family.

There are several different products offered by Fidelity. Customers can request for Fidelity life insurance quotes online as well as from representatives. There is coverage offered for terminal illness as well as accidental death which includes features like funeral plans, mortgage payment protectors and income for survivors or dependents. One can also purchase Fidelity life insurance policies for disablement which are aimed at income protection, trauma, life care and income for dependents of the disabled member.

Fidelity insurance products are also aimed at providing coverage for businesses, most importantly against adverse affects of disablement or terminal illness to the owner or to the key employee. There are corporate plans designed for businesses. You can purchase Fidelity life insurance products with premiums increasing annually. One can also go for level premiums. Income protection policies can be customized to suit the requirements of the individual. There are critical care policies where one can receive assured lump sum amount when a critical medical condition has been diagnosed. Similarly, some policies offer lump sum amounts when the policy holder is permanently incapacitated and is unable to participate in an income earning job. Fidelity life insurance also offers various other personal insurance products including investments for future.

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Fidelity life insurance

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Fidelity life insurance

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