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Life insurance policies must offer affordable ways to families in order to make their futures secure. Polices must be practical, premiums must be flexible and payable, and the policies must be made to fulfill the varying needs of different families. When it comes to affordable coverage that offers maximum protection, prudential life insurance company is the best. The company specializes in offering term life insurances with costs that are extremely affordable for every family. Their policies are designed to change with the changing requirements of the families, which offer them flexible coverage without the fuss of changing the policy every time they need the change. Prudential Life Insurance Company specializes in three different types of term life insurance policies.

Term Essential policy:

Term essential offers the choice of converting the policy into a permanent one at a later point of time, if the customer desires. The premiums remain constant for as long as the policy holder opts. They are available in a ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty year time periods. The term essential policy is good for people who are looking for affordable options and who want to try out the policy before committing to a permanent policy.

Term Elite policy:

Term elite policy is perfect for people with a permanent life insurance plan for later time. This policy offers an option to convert the term life to a permanent life after five years of purchasing the policy, or after 65 years of age. If the policy is converted to permanent before the five years, then the credit received can be applied towards the premium payment for the first year.

With flexible offer plans and affordable premium payments such as these, prudential life insurance is one of the most popularly chosen insurance companies for people on a budget. With these plans, there is no longer a need to sacrifice the coverage to cut down upon the premium payments.

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