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Aviva Life Insurance Company was established way back in 1696 and has its headquarters in the historic city of London. Aviva life insurance has its agents operating across the world. The representatives can help you with the best possible life insurance policies to suit your needs and allay your fears. You can request for Aviva life insurance quotes to get a better idea about the premiums and the rates for specific types of coverage that you are interested in. Aviva life insurance is one of the largest insurance providers in the country offering insurance to almost a million customers. There are customers from Europe and Asia as well.

The most common Aviva life insurance policies include term life insurance, universal life insurance and indexed universal life insurance. The term life insurance is purchased by the customer for a fixed period of 10, 20 or 30 years as insurance against accidental death. It is cheaper than permanent life insurance. However, there is no guaranteed payout, since there are no death benefits once the policy expires after the term fixed initially. This insurance is ideal to take care of existing liabilities of an individual in case of his or her accidental death.

Aviva life insurance, with more than 27,000 agents across the world offers interesting products like Wellness for Life. In this insurance policy, there is an added incentive for the policyholder. Interestingly, policyholders get discounts on their premiums for life insurance if they can manage to monitor their health at regular intervals and ensure that they are able to maintain a certain level of fitness stipulated by the insurance provider. Aviva Life Insurance Company, which is amongst the top 10 insurance providers in the world based on income, has received A rating from several rating agencies in the last few decades.

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