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Great West Life & Annuity Insurance Company was founded in 1891 and offers a wide range of insurance products to employers, individuals, consultants, partners and business advisors. Great West life insurance policies are aimed at providing retirement plans to individuals, which are sponsored by their employers. The trusted insurance provider also offers individual retirement accounts, bonus plans for individuals paid upon retirement, deferred compensation plans for individuals from employers and also business-owned life insurance.

Great West life insurance quotes can be requested by individuals through phone as well as online. Great West life insurance policies include Family Legacy Single Premium universal life insurance. There are simplified term life insurance policies as well. The terms for these policies could be for 10 or 20 years to provide excellent coverage for a specific timeframe at low cost. The coverage offered for term life insurance is up to $250,000. There is also whole life insurance that is offered by Great West life insurance with coverage of up to $150,000. Unlike term life insurance, the payout for whole life insurance is guaranteed as the death benefits are offered to the dependents upon the accidental death of the individual.

Individuals can apply for term life insurance policies that are fully underwritten by the insurance provider. In such cases the length of the term of the policy is longer. The coverage too is higher for such term life insurance policies. Individuals who are interested in enjoying the benefits offered by Great West life insurance can contact a local licensed bank representative who could provide all the necessary information about the life insurance products and Great West life insurance quotes. Employees can also opt for other life insurance policies that include medical supplement insurance, disability insurance, group insurance and annuities. Corporate owned life insurance and bank owned life insurance are also available.

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Great-West life insurance

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