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Colonial Life Life Insurance

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Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company was founded in 1939, with its headquarters in Columbia, S.C. The company is famous for offering a wide array of insurance products for death, disability, cancer, life, serious illnesses and hospitalization. Colonial Life insurance policies are offered for the benefit of employers who provide personal life insurance coverage for their employees. The life insurance products offered by Colonial Life specifically address the age diversity that is seen in the employee population of the current decade. Payroll deductions are easily facilitated to offer voluntary, cash value life insurance policies paid by the employees. The interesting aspect of this cash value term and life insurance policies for the employees is that they can continue with the same policy even after changing employers and get the same coverage too.

Colonial Life insurance quotes can be requested online by filling a request form. There are various policies with features that offer excellent benefits for spouse, children and other dependents. The Colonial Life insurance policies have portability and coverage across the world which provides excellent flexibility to the policyholders. In fact, policy holders can also choose between accident coverage specifically for on the job, or off the job accidents to get protection and allay their fear of specific scenarios.

Colonial Life insurance also offers some added features that include disability income for both employee and spouse at a small additional cost. This policy can be used for providing coverage to your spouse at a small cost when his or her employer doesn’t provide the same coverage. Some polices also offer lump sum benefits for accidents. Colonial Life offers excellent solutions for various other unforeseen situations including disability and hospitalization. There are several policies designed for employers to help their workforce get the best coverage in order to tackle the growing cost of health and life insurance.

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Colonial Life life insurance

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Colonial Life life insurance

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